The Road To Port Of Barry

Carnage In A Caravan

The Road To Port Of Barry - synopsis

The Road To Port Of Barry is a short black comedy play that is irreverent, edgy, profane, violent - and incredibly funny. Set in South Wales and with a cast of characters who are intrinsically Welsh, its themes and humour are nevertheless universal. It poses serious questions about war, violence, friendship and the meaning of life - without ever taking itself  seriously.

 It is set entirely inside a dirty caravan on an ostrich farm in South Wales, where two young Welsh men - Billy and Kelly - argue, take the “piss” out of each other, play the Welsh edition of Monopoly and discuss the possible contents of a mysterious cardboard box.

When a strange and sinister Man In A Suit arrives looking for the box, the game of Monopoly and the general tone of the play become increasingly funny, increasingly tense and increasingly violent as comic one-liners abound and dead bodies litter the stage.

What is inside the box? Who is the Man In A Suit? Why do the characters continue to play a game of Monopoly? Why does Billy shoot an ostrich? Why does Kelly keep singing songs from “Miss Saigon”? Will anyone escape from the caravan alive? And how many people will ever be prepared to die for the sake of a box?